Our Mission

Nathan Conkey

Can Mexico become a Christian nation? Hello my name is Nathan and I want to tell you about a mission in Puebla, Mexico that I have been working with for the last three years. It's a multifaceted and ambitious mission that is named for the The founder of Calvin’s school, Pierre Viret, and Christian Education is a crucial facet of the ministry We teach from kinder to primary to secondary. Every single one of our teachers and supervisors are Mexican, and the school is run day by day by a Mexican. We try to leverage their time through the use of technology, MP3s, tablets, computers, and we have created an online ESL curriculum that is tailored to our students needs. Some of our teachers have become educational leaders developing their own History and Geography curriculum, and at least Two of the teachers want to have their own learning centres one-day.

In addition to the students own studies we teach the students three times a week how to apply the law-word of God to their own lives. All of this is aimed at the self government of the students and of the institution under God's law. Another important facet of the ministry is ‘Vision America Latina.’ We have paid for the translation of culture-changing books into Spanish, written many articles, and uploaded dozens of relevant video presentations. We are one of the very few faith for all of life voices in all of Latin America. With God's help we are building the intellectual foundations for the future Christian civilisation in Mexico. Another facet of the work is the Church. We meet in the school building where we eat together, break bread and share the common cup, where we work systematically through the Westminster Shorter Catechism, and again learn how to apply the principles of the faith to our lives. The last aspect of the ministry is Legacy Hacienda Furniture, we design, manufacture, and then export furniture for sale in the United States. Right now three families depend on this business for their livelihood. Our plan is to grow the business to hire many more families and through their employment disciple them in the application of the faith to their vocation. We also plan to teach vocational skills to some of our graduates from the Learning Center. Lastly, we hope to support the Learning Center and our other minuties through the profits generated by the business making the community independent economically. In all these facets, we are building independence under God, rather than dependence on clergy or foreign donors.

Help us to invest in more Christian curriculum, in more English as a second language resources, more key translations, and help us bless these families by investing in the furniture business. May God bless you as you reach out your hands to your brothers in the great nation of Mexico. Contact us at for more information.

Serving the Lord in Mexico,

Nathan Conkey