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One of our burdens as a fund-raising organization is that, as we raise financial aid for those sharing the Gospel across the world, we look for mission works that are actively seeking to demonstrate how the Gospel is a blessing for the entire community in which it is being shared. We are looking for mission works that seek not only the salvation of precious souls but also the transforming of the culture in which the mission work is taking place. As Henry Van Til noted, "Culture is religion externalized". We believe that the Gospel externalized is the best and happiest way for a community or nation to see the blessing of God worked out in their lives.
Thiis Spring of 2017, we are running for a mission work in Puebla, Mexico that is striving to model these very principles. Not only are they sharing and teaching the salvation that we have in Christ, they are actively changing the culture of Puebla by running the Pierre Viret Learning Center--a place where children can go all the way through High School graduation learning how to love God with all they are and their neighbor as themselves. A place where they learn to think through and apply systematic truth from the Scripture so that they intelligently and intentionally model man's chief end--to glorify and enjoy God forever. This mission work is also seeking to help change the culture by providing a Scripture-based working environment at the school and through another extremely important venue--Legacy Hacienda Furniture. For more information, check out the "Our Mission" tab.
Would you pray for us? For the work in Puebla? Would you prayerfully consider supporting us as we run for this unique mission? They are not seeking to become another foreign aid department--they are actively sharing faith for all of life and seeking to help the locals of Puebla, Mexico build a brighter, biblical, and Christ-filled future by building and educational and vocational independence that is rooted in the principles of Scripture. Just look for the yellow "donate" button on the website. And cheer us on via Facebook ( as we do another Ragnar for missions!